What is Roundtable Alias?

Roundtable Alias is a fraud detection API that analyzes survey responses to identify potential fraudulent activity, such as gibberish, off-topic, or low-effort responses, as well as responses generated by language models like GPT.

How does Roundtable Alias work?

Roundtable Alias uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze survey responses in real-time. It examines various aspects of the responses, including content, typing patterns, and metadata, to detect suspicious activity and flag potential fraud.

What types of surveys is Roundtable Alias suitable for?

Roundtable Alias is designed for surveys that include open-ended questions where participants provide free-form text responses. It is particularly useful for market research, customer feedback, and academic surveys where data quality is crucial.


How do I integrate Roundtable Alias into my survey platform?

Integration typically involves the following steps:

  1. Obtain an API key from your Roundtable Alias account.
  2. Implement the Roundtable Alias JavaScript tracker on your survey pages to capture response data.
  3. Collect the necessary survey data, including participant ID, question histories, questions, responses, and survey ID.
  4. Send a POST request to the Roundtable Alias API endpoint with the collected data.
  5. Handle the API response and take appropriate actions based on the fraud detection results.

Refer to our integration guides for detailed instructions on integrating Roundtable Alias with popular survey platforms like Qualtrics and Forsta.

What programming languages are supported for integration?

Roundtable Alias provides a RESTful API that can be integrated using any programming language that supports HTTP requests. We offer official client libraries for Python, JavaScript, and Java to simplify integration. You can also make direct HTTP requests to the API using any language of your choice.

Do I need to make any changes to my survey design to use Roundtable Alias?

No, you don’t need to modify your survey design to use Roundtable Alias. The API works seamlessly with your existing survey structure and questions. Simply integrate the JavaScript tracker and make the necessary API calls to analyze the responses.

API Usage

What API endpoints are available? Roundtable Alias provides several API endpoints for different versions of the fraud detection model:

  • /v015: The latest version of the API, offering the most advanced fraud detection capabilities.
  • /v014, /v013, /v012, /v011: Previous versions of the API with varying feature sets.

Refer to the API reference documentation for detailed information on each endpoint and their request/response formats.

What data do I need to provide in the API request? To analyze survey responses using Roundtable Alias, you need to provide the following data in the API request:

  • participant_id: A unique identifier for the participant.
  • question_histories: The recorded changes for each question, generated by the JavaScript tracker.
  • questions: An object containing the survey questions, where each key is the question ID and the value is the question text.
  • responses: An object containing the participant’s final responses, where each key is the question ID and the value is the response text.
  • survey_id: A unique identifier for the survey.

How do I interpret the API response? The API response is a JSON object that contains the following key information:

  • error: Indicates if there was an error in processing the request.
  • flagged: Indicates if any fraudulent activity was detected.
  • num_checks_failed: The number of fraud detection checks that failed.
  • response_groups: A dictionary where the key corresponds to the question ID and the value corresponds to the cluster of duplicated responses.
  • effort_ratings: A dictionary where the key corresponds to the question ID and the value corresponds to an effort score (1-10).
  • checks: A dictionary where the keys correspond to question IDs and the values are arrays of failed check descriptions.
  • model: The version of the fraud detection model used.

Review the flagged property to determine if any fraudulent activity was detected, and examine the checks object for specific details on the failed checks.

How often can I make API requests? The allowed request frequency depends on your Roundtable Alias subscription plan. Please refer to your account’s rate limits or contact our support team for more information.

Security and Privacy

Is the data sent to Roundtable Alias secure?

Yes, all data transmitted to Roundtable Alias is encrypted using industry-standard HTTPS protocol. We employ strict security measures to protect your data and maintain confidentiality.

How does Roundtable Alias handle personal information?

Roundtable Alias is committed to protecting the privacy of your survey participants. We do not store or process any personally identifiable information (PII) as part of our fraud detection analysis. The API only requires a unique participant identifier, which should be anonymized before sending it to Roundtable Alias.

Is Roundtable Alias SOC2 compliant? Yes, Roundtable Alias is fully compliant with SOC2. We have implemented strict data protection measures and adhere to the principles of data minimization, purpose limitation, and data security.


How can I get support for Roundtable Alias?

If you have any questions, encounter issues, or need assistance with Roundtable Alias, our dedicated support team ( is here to help. We strive to provide timely and helpful support to ensure a smooth experience with Roundtable Alias.