This guide offers detailed guidelines and code examples to assist users in effectively categorizing survey responses. These categories are based on predefined flags from automated checks. By classifying responses into “Accept”, “Review”, or “Reject”, users can streamline the review process and maintain consistency in response handling.

Sample Decision Procedure

Survey responses are categorized according to the nature of the flags assigned:

  • Accept: Responses are accepted if they have no flags or flags that do not compromise the response’s quality.
  • Review: Responses flagged for “Cross-duplicate”, “Off-topic”, “Low-effort”, or “GPT” require further human review as they may still contain useful insights.
  • Reject: Responses flagged as “Gibberish”, “Programmatic Entry”, “Response Pasted”, or “Self-duplicate” are typically deemed unreliable or irrelevant and should be excluded from further analysis.

Code Snippets

Below are example code snippets in Python and R to automate the decision-making process based on the flags. Here we

Advanced Code Snippets

For more complex scenarios, such as reviewing any questions where at least two responses are flagged, consider the following: