Signup and Login

To start using Roundtable Alias, create your account:

  1. Visit the signup page.
  2. Fill in your email, choose a password, and provide your company information.
  3. Click “Create Account” to complete the signup process.

Once your account is created, log in to your dashboard to access your API keys and manage your subscription.

API Key Management

Roundtable Alias uses API keys to authenticate your requests. To create and manage your API keys:

  1. Navigate to the account dashboard.
  2. Click ”+ Create new API key” to create a new API key.
  3. Copy the generated key and store it securely. You won’t be able to view it again.

Best practices for API key management:

  • Use separate keys for different environments (development, staging, production).
  • Regularly rotate your keys to maintain security. We recommend every 90 days.
  • If a key is compromised, delete it immediately and generate a new one.

Usage Tracking and Overages

Roundtable Alias tracks your API usage on a weekly and monthly basis. You can monitor your current usage on the account dashboard.

Support and Troubleshooting

If you encounter any issues during account setup or have questions about billing, our support team is here to help.

  • Check the FAQ for answers to common account and billing questions.
  • Contact for assistance with account-related issues.
  • Visit the Status page to check for any ongoing service disruptions.